Editing my ad

To edit your ad, your description, change location, or add some information about current tenant, click on your name to open the menu, then select  Edit my room.


The title is displayed as your “Headline” and should state what you are advertising.
It sometimes helps to use a catchphrase which will make your advert stand out from the others; try to keep it short and concise. 
There is a 50 character limit, including spaces.


The description should be used to give a precise and detailed summary of the room and property being advertised.

You may like to include:  

  • Who you are. Age, gender, employment status, where are you from, what are your interests, are you the live-in landlord or a current tenant?  
  • What you are advertising. Room size, single or double, furnished or unfurnished, amenities and facilities available, etc.  
  • Who would you like to share with. Age group, gender, employment status, interests, would you prefer someone quiet, do you have a family home or a party house etc.  
  • Who already lives in the property.  

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