Adding photos to my ad

Adding photos to your ad is very important. This not only brings credibility to your ad, but also draws the attention of your future roommates.  

In our experience, ads with images are up to five times more popular with users looking for a room.

It’s really easy to upload your photos: Login and click on your name to open the menu, then select  Edit photos. Click on Upload and select the desired picture from your files. You can crop, resize and rotate the photos to your liking. You can also change the Main Photo by selecting a new one.

Rules when uploading photos to the website:

  1. Make sure they are of good quality; ensure that the images are a good size. Clear and bright images are best. We advise a landscape orientation (horizontal) with a width between 1000px and 1200px (ratio 1:1.7).
  2. JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP format
  3. The first image must be of the room or property you are advertising. 
  4. All of your images must be rotated correctly and in the order you would like them to appear on your listing.

Has your image been rejected? 

Here's a list of which type of images we will not publish:

  • An image that displays your contact details – to protect your personal privacy as Roomgo ads are accessible to non-members. 
  • An image that displays your property from a Street-View – house number, street name, car registration visible. 
  • An image with a watermark – we cannot endorse or promote any other company or brand. 
  • The first image on your ad is your main photograph and should only depict the space you are advertising. We encourage images of live-in landlords and current flatmates, just not as your main image. 
  • An image of yourself in swimwear or any state of undress
  • Photos of Children – The privacy of the young is very important to us and so we do not publish any images of children or babies. 
  • Animals - Unless you are in the picture too! 
  • Illegal or immoral activity
  • Blurry, very low quality or up-side-down photos

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