Contacting Landlords

To contact advertisers, you have a couple of options

  • Send Quick Interest – this is a quick way of letting the advertiser know that you are interested in their room. We will send them your profile and a note saying that you like their room. If it’s really the perfect place, you might want to consider sending a message or calling to ensure you don’t miss out!
  • Send a Message – Send the advertiser a personal message. It’s a great way to introduce yourself, share contact details and find out more about the room.
  • Make a direct Call - Users often have preferred contact methods, so the contact options available are not always the same. If the user has chosen to display their personal phone number, it will be displayed in the contact area of their ad.

Why should I contact advertisers?

Living in shared accommodation is very different from private accommodation. Sharing facilities and living spaces means that it's important to find the flatshare that's the right fit for you.

Looking for your room online can be a remote experience. The best way to connect with others, get to know your potential roommates or landlord and find your room is to get in contact with those advertising.

When you see a room you like, send the advertiser a message or give them a call.

Our experience in this field has shown that proactive members achieve better and quicker results, compared to those who wait.

Roomgo is a community and all of our advertisers are with us to find a room or a roommate. There’s nothing to lose!

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