Refund policy

Premium Membership is non-refundable as it is 100% optional and not mandatory.  The site is free to use and Premium Membership is optional. 
We do not offer partial or full refunds of the Premium Membership.
As a general rule of thumb – If your membership (the service outlined below) has been instated and it is working then it cannot be refunded.
We do not refund payments if you have not found what you are looking for. As a classified site, we cannot guarantee that you will be successful in your search.
We offer different plans so our users can choose the one that best suits them. Please make sure to choose the one you think will work for you. Once a Premium Membership has started we cannot change the plan you chose and purchased. We will not downgrade your plan and refund the difference if you find what you were looking for before your Premium Membership expires.
We will not refund the days not used regardless if the ad or account has been deactivated or deleted.

When you upgrade your account, you are paying to receive the following benefits:

Looking for a room

  • Contact all Premium Members
  • Contact all Basic Members
  • Free for all Members to contact you straight away

Advertising a room

  • Contact all Premium Members
  • Contact all Basic Members
  • See who's viewed your ad
  • Send bulk emails

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