How does the Boost work?

In order for you to boost your ad, first you should be a Premium Member. The reason for this is that boosting the ad will be much more beneficial if the account is Premium.

If you are a Premium Member and want to boost your ad: 

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Click on your name and then 'My ads' 
  3. Select the ad you want to boost 
  4. Click on your name and select "Boost My ad". 

If you have multiple active ads, you can activate the boost option by going into "Boost My ad" and by selecting the ones you want to push to the top of the list. 

For how long my ad will stay on the top of the list ?

Your ad will be the first one on the list as long as no other ad is created or boosted. New ads will be added regularly but depending on your area if there is no new ad or boosted ad, your ad will stay on the top of the list for as long as possible.

How many times can I Boost my ad?

You can use the boost option as many times as you like! Whenever your ad appears to be less visible or receives fewer contacts, boost your ad and it will go back to the top of the results!

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