Deactivating or deleting my search profile

From the main page click on your name to open the menu, then select My Ads. Once you find your ad on the page, click on Deactivate.

Deactivating your profile removes it from the site, but not from your account. 

This means that you can Login and use it again, should you like to pick up your search at a later date. 

If you deactivate your profile it will no longer be visible on the site to other members. 

Consequently, you will not receive any new email messages or other communication.

Deactivating an ad means that you will no longer have access to any correspondence relating to that advert. This includes email messages, interest messages, contact information and ads. 

Content which you've contributed to the site, including messages, will not be accessible to any other member unless your profile is re-activated. 

If you would like to  completely remove your listing click on Deactivate and then on Delete.  

When you delete your listing, all information relating to it is lost and irretrievable.


When you no longer need your ad/profile, we ask that you please deactivate it. This is to help you stop receiving future inquiries from interested parties and help keep our platform up to date. On our end as well, we have an automated system in place which automatically deactivates ads on inactive accounts - in other words - If someone does not log in within 30 days their ads get deactivated automatically

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